Viva Las Vega’s Foodfestival 2016: the photos

viva las vega's foodfestival

One of the highlights of your summer, the annual Viva Las Vega’s Food Festival in Amsterdam! This year held for the sixt time, for the first time during two days! Veganism is really growing in popularity in Amsterdam as the festival showed again. Also first time at this location, De Hallen in the west of Amsterdam. We made a few pics last week to give you an impression of what it was like! Read more

Kaja Piecyk: “Our style of activism is direct yet subtle at the same time”

Earthlings is a well known documentary showing a.o. the abuse of animals in the food industry. The Earthlings Experience started last year by London Vegan Actions. Inspired, Kaja Piecyk set up a similar campaign in the Netherlands.

She tells us about how she started out, the way people in Amsterdam react and she shares her views on effective activism.

The interview is in Dutch, if you want to switch on/off English subtitles just click in the bottom of the screen to select.

Have fun watching and be inspired!

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OMG vegan pubfood!

vegan pizza amsterdam

Drinking nice beers and eating vegan food, all at the same place? Yes! At beerbar Tripel. There’s a few places in town that serve vegan pizza, and this is one of them. Although it’s not like most pizzas as the bottom is super thin.

Other vegan stuff on their menu is a vegan salad and vegan bitterballen. They also have coffee with soymilk usually.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page as they sometimes have special vegan nights with burgers etc.! 😀

‘Even Geen Vlees’ ad campaign


New initiative to encourage people to eat less meat: Even Geen Vlees (translates as ‘no meat for a while’). Run by two vegans from Amsterdam.

The idea is to finance an ongoing poster campaign on Dutch train stations. To launch the campaign, this first poster got placed on trainstation Amsterdam Zuid and will be visible for a week. It draws attention to the huge amount of water needed for the production of meat and dairy.

New delicious icecream!

swedish glace

Out of Sweden’s icecream making tradition comes this Swedish Glace from Dutch company Ola (known by other names in other countries). After being available in various European countries we’re now also being able to enjoy it. Among the creamiest vegan icecream ever! It comes in two different flavours: vanilla and raspberry. In Amsterdam so far only available at bigger Albert Heijn supermarkets.

Interview with Emile from Vegan Runners Nederland


Vegan Runners Nederland just started out last year. We interviewed co-founder Emile about the appeal of running, the start of Vegan Runners Nederland as well as their future plans.

He shares with us his favourite running routes in Amsterdam and some advice if you’d want to eat vegan more often!

The interview is in Dutch, if you want to switch on/off English subtitles just click in the bottom of the screen to select.

This is our first video! 😀