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2019: increased visibility of veganism

Time for a recap of 2019! Yo, 2018 was a good year for veganism in Amsterdam and 2019 no less. More options in restaurants and supermarkets, making it easier for people to be vegan. Also, the increased visibility of a vegan lifestyle helps to normalise it which is great, as dealing with social situations as a vegan is not always easy.

At the moment Happy Cow lists 374 vegan friendly restaurants in Amsterdam, of which 39 are fully vegan! Albert Heijn added little vegan signs (see pic above) to various (not all) vegan products in the supermarket, this is huge. Many big nationwide companies are currently working on vegan options, this year for example Hema, Ikea, Multivlaai, Subway and Bakker Bart came with a vegan meal.

The changes in Amsterdam have not gone unnoticed, newspaper NRC highlighted several developments in a big article last summer, also quoting yours truly.  But hey let’s have a look at this year’s developments! Read more

Other local vegan websites

vegan travel

Veganism and travelling, two great things combined in this very article! While spring slowly presents itself here in Amsterdam, you might be thinking of planning a little trip somewhere. Then of course you’d love to get some info about vegan stuff in that area, just like on the Vegan Amsterdam website. That’s why we compiled an extensive overview of local vegan websites below. Read more

Vegan Amsterdam officially online


Right so you just arrived in Amsterdam, but where to get some vegan food? And how do you find out if the ingredients of this product are vegan? Are there any vegan local dishes you should try?

Or you’re living in Amsterdam and you want to be kept up to date about all the places to eat. About vegan and animal rights related events happening soon in town. Or you want to know in which store to get that new product. Read more