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Newspaper NRC highlights the rise of vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

Screenshot of the article online.

“De tijd dat veganisten blij mochten zijn als ze een tomatensoep met patatjes geserveerd kregen, is voorbij. Waren er vijf jaar geleden nog slechts 45.000 vegans in Nederland, volgens de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veganisme (NVV) zijn er nu al zo’n 121.000 mensen die geen dierlijke producten als vlees, zuivel, eieren en leer gebruiken. En daar speelt de horeca op in: in Amsterdam zijn er nu zo’n 35 restaurants die uitsluitend vegan gerechten serveren. Nog zo’n tweehonderd horecagelegenheden bieden ‘veganistische opties’.”

Big article in the Amsterdam supplement of national newspaper NRC. Featuring Deer Mama, Mr. & Mrs. Watson, Vegabond, The Dutch Weed Burger Joint and Vegan Amsterdam – aka yours truly! Read the article here.

A giant vegan section at Jumbo Stadhouderskade!

vegan jumbo amsterdam

More and more specific vegan products are entering the supermarkets in the last few years. What’s new now is that some supermarkets are even creating whole vegan sections in their store. Jumbo supermarkets especially are active in this, with their store at the Stadhouderskade being the prime example. They have as many special vegan products in their store as some of the 100% vegan grocery stores I’ve visited in my life! Read more

2018: Amsterdam is embracing veganism

Wow lots of positive stuff has happened this year! Vegan food is one of the most important trends in hospitality and retail, says basically everyone and your mother by now. This is clearly reflected in the increase of vegan restaurants in town this year, as well as the increase of vegan options on non-vegan restaurant menus.

We also noticed more specifically vegan products in supermarkets, with some supermarkets even creating whole vegan fridges or shelves. Several manufacturers even dedicated huge nationwide ad campaigns to the promotion of their vegan products. Also many vegan events took place, from vegan outreach to big festivals. Get ready for 2018 in review! Read more

Fine dining at vegan pop-up Sproutsiders!

There are nowadays plenty options in Amsterdam for those who like vegan food, served in an elegant way. Fine dining style, offered by renowned restaurants like De Kas, Choux, Morris & Bella, Yerba, Bolenius, Bak. But none of those are completely vegan. Therefore it’s quite refreshing to meet a chef-turned-vegan who started together with his partner vegan pop-up Sproutsiders. Only two more weeks so check this out! Read more

Vegan lunch at cozy Café Saarein!

Of course I like to support 100% vegan places. Owned by fellow vegans, my kind of people. But what I just love love is when traditional places start to offer vegan options as well. One of those places is Café Saarein, which is offering vegan lunch every Saturday, already since quite a while. Saarein has the looks of a typical traditional Jordaan café. However it has a big (non-typical) history as it started out as a ‘women-only’ café – a lesbian bar. That was in 1978, nowadays everyone is welcome though it still proudly carries that identity. Read more