Join us for the Dutch premiere of long-awaited documentary The End of Meat!

Wow!! We’re excited to invite you to the Dutch PREMIERE of long-awaited documentary The End of Meat, on January 9 2019 in Amsterdam! 💥

The End of Meat is a groundbreaking documentary film envisioning a future where meat consumption belongs to the past.

In The End of Meat, filmmaker Marc Pierschel embarks on a journey to discover what effect a post-meat world would have on the environment, the animals and ourselves. He meets Esther the Wonder Pig, who became an internet phenomenon; talks to pioneers leading the vegan movement in Germany; visits the first fully vegetarian city in India; witnesses rescued farm animals enjoying their newly found freedom; observes the future food innovators making meat and dairy without the animals, even harvesting ‘bacon’ from the ocean and much more.

Check out the trailer
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Length: 95 minutes
English subtitles

Check the Facebook event and get the tickets here! All proceeds will go to animal sanctuary Melief.

Wow the premiere on January 9 is already sold out, so we’ve organised an extra screening! Please join us on Thursday January 17! Check the Facebook event here, get tickets here.

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