Dutch Recipes


How often did you look for Dutch recipes on the internet? Probably never if you’re not Dutch. Most of the Dutch grew up with dinners consisting of meat / boiled veggies / boiled potatoes. Luckily this is starting to change. But still, we have some traditional food that y’all definitely should get to know. Some of the dishes are already vegan, others will be veganised.

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Dutch pancakes

Although pancakes are not strictly reserved to the Dutch cuisine, the way we make them differs from other countries. Compared to American pancakes, Dutch pancakes are larger and flatter, though thicker than French crêpes. Delicious but easy to make, they are a favourite of children and adults alike. Perhaps this is why one can find Dutch pancake restaurants all over the world? The following recipe is based on traditional versions, but adapted to a plant-based diet. It will make about 5 pancakes. Read more

vegan hollandaise

Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce

Aaah asparagus, a true sign of springtime. In the Netherlands the white ones are the most common. A traditional way to serve them is with Hollandaise sauce. The non-vegan version is a kind of warm mayonnaise, using eggs and butter. Most vegan recipes use either silken tofu or are more like a bechamel sauce. In order to stay close to the original recipe I used vegan margarine. The preparation method is eventually similar to making vegan mayonnaise. Read more


Dutch split pea soup

Split pea soup is a true Dutch classic and also one of the few Dutch dishes with legumes as an ingredient. It’s also known as snert in the Netherlands, which besides the name for the soup also refers to something which is worthless or cheap. This apparently originated in the shipping industry when the cook used leftovers to make a split pea soup of questionable quality…

Dutch split pea soup uses green split peas and is very thick. It’s typically a winter dish. Traditionally it contains bacon and smoked sausage but you can replace these easily with vegan versions. Read more