Official Animal Rights March 2019 – the photos

Photos of yesterday’s Official Animal Rights March Amsterdam! Afterwards we had a short conversation with organizers Linda Guijt and Amadesha Assie:

Linda: “We read on Facebook about the march in London and thought, hey we should have this one here as well. Then we just took the initiative and organised it last year ourselves.”

Amadesha: “We thought it was a success and wanted to keep on doing it. We got noticed and people heard the message. We chose to put ‘End Speciesism’ on the banner, because a lot of people don’t know that word. So that when people think ‘Oh what’s that?’, that finally they will get the idea that it is really a form of discrimination, that we think there are humans and animals, and animals are worth less, even though humans are also animals. Read more

Newspaper NRC highlights the rise of vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

Screenshot of the article online.

“De tijd dat veganisten blij mochten zijn als ze een tomatensoep met patatjes geserveerd kregen, is voorbij. Waren er vijf jaar geleden nog slechts 45.000 vegans in Nederland, volgens de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veganisme (NVV) zijn er nu al zo’n 121.000 mensen die geen dierlijke producten als vlees, zuivel, eieren en leer gebruiken. En daar speelt de horeca op in: in Amsterdam zijn er nu zo’n 35 restaurants die uitsluitend vegan gerechten serveren. Nog zo’n tweehonderd horecagelegenheden bieden ‘veganistische opties’.”

Big article in the Amsterdam supplement of national newspaper NRC. Featuring Deer Mama, Mr. & Mrs. Watson, Vegabond, The Dutch Weed Burger Joint and Vegan Amsterdam – aka yours truly! Read the article here.

Vegan students unite!

vegan student association amsterdam

Inspired by similar student associations in cities like Gent and recently Groningen, a group of students in Amsterdam decided to establish the Vegan Student Association Amsterdam!

According to their mission statement, it was founded with the aim of “increasing the visibility of the vegan movement and start a conversation about animal rights, building at the same time a network of like-minded students. We offer support to anyone interested in approaching the vegan lifestyle.”

Their first event will be Sunday next week, a vegan picnic at Vondelpark on Sunday June 2nd! More info here.

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One Dam Day 2019 – the photos

one dam day

Today at Dam Square, 24 h non-stop vegan outreach by about a thousand vegan activists from Anonymous for the Voiceless!

Activists position themselves in a square shape, the ‘Cube of Truth’, showing footage of animals in the industry. Other activists have conversations with curious bypassers, motivating them to try out a vegan diet.

The action named ‘One Dam Day’ continues throughout the night until tomorrow at noon. Read more