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7 x vegan stuff at Central Station


Station Amsterdam Centraal, a.k.a. Central Station. Whether you’re only passing through on the way to Amsterdam North, or just arrived in town by train, this is a place many people pass by. It’s currently undergoing a long-time period of reconstruction but some time ago some important parts where reopened again. As expected, more shops. But also more vegan food options to be found! These are the highlights.

Vegan salads at Exki

vegan amsterdam centraal
Exki is a Belgian ‘healthy fastfood’ chain with a few international restaurants as well. This location is their first one in Amsterdam, which opened in 2015. Earlier this year they introduced several (intentionally) vegan foods which are labeled as such as well! They’ve got a bunch of vegan salads and also some soups and sandwiches.

vegan amsterdam centraal
vegan amsterdam centraal

Noodle bowls at Wagamama

Wagamama is a well-known international chain of noodle restaurants. This one is not the best location for an intimate dinner but if you’re somewhere near it’s not bad either! Ask for the vegan menu, it lists all vegan options of their standard menu. They have a few other locations in town.


French fries with vegan mayo at Smullers

Vegan outreach organisation Viva Las Vega’s succeeded in convincing snackbar chain Smullers to offer vegan mayo! They’re open until late, on Fridays and Saturdays even til 4 am! Perhaps even worth a detour after your night out? 😉

Vegan stroopwafels at Erica

Already existing at the central station from before the big reconstruction works, luckily Erica is back at the renewed station. Here you’ll find a variety of organic groceries, vitamins, and superfoods. Including vegan stroopwafels!

vegan stroopwafels

All of these are vegan!
All of these are vegan!


Hummus bagel and soy latte at Shakies

Nothing extraordinary but nice it’s there. At Shakies they offer soy lattes, hummus bagels, juices and even a shake made of fruit and soymilk!


Vegan cosmetics at Lush


Beloved chain of cosmetics stores, where everything looks and smells like candy! None of their products are tested on animals. Also many of their products don’t contain any animal products and are recognizable as such by the vegan logo! They’re also known for supporting smaller charities involved with animal rights and environmental conservation, so quite a cool store. Find other locations in Amsterdam here.


Groceries at Albert Heijn

Convenience store from the supermarket chain you’ll find everywhere in Amsterdam. Good for everyday groceries and they also have a coffee machine (though no soymilk option). Nice vegan items include some of the meal salads and recent additions like ontbijtmuffin or choco twister.



Tony Chocolonely chocolate at Waar

Store with fair trade lifestyle items. They sell all the vegan flavours of the Tony Chocolonely chocolate brand. Their chocolate is not only delicious, they’re dedicated to making the chocolate industry slave-free.


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