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A shitload of new meat alternatives!


To eat a healthy vegan diet you don’t need these fake meats / meat alternatives. But sometimes it’s just convenient, or tasty! And wow lately there are so many new products available in the supermarket, a clear sign that the market for vegan food is growing. The following 10 + vleesvervangers became newly available just in the past few months. The future is vegan!

MeatFreeDays Bitterballen

Available at Aldi are these bitterballen and also croquettes from the brand MeatFreeDays. They used to be just vegetarian but a while ago they made them vegan! They are based on lupine, just like the more expensive bitterballen of De Vegetarische Slager. On the back it says ‘100 % animal friendly’!

Vegafit all vegan product line


Fishsticks, steak, nuggets, schnitzel etc. No messing around, everything they make is vegan! Available at Jumbo Zeeburg and Jumbo Buikslotermeerplein.

GoodBite vegan cheese schnitzel


Thanks to Viva Las Vega’s, GoodBite introduced two new vegan products! A vegan cheese schnitzel (!) and marinated tempeh cubes. Available at Deen supermarkets. Marinated tempeh cubes are also available at Albert Heijn by the way!


Filet Americain by De Vegetarische Slager


Anticipated for some time, after visitors of this spring’s Veggie World festival could get a first taste of this vegan filet americain! Cool that besides more traditional meat alernatives like burgers or sausages also products like this are made. De Vegetarische Slager also made a vegan pate recently. Available at Jumbo and bigger Albert Heijn supermarkets.


Woezel en Pip Vegetarische Sticks


With its soft inside and crunchy breaded crust these sticks are reminiscent of fish fingers! But fairly neutral in taste, no fishy flavour. Available at Jumbo supermarkets.

So Fine SoFish Burger


These burgers also don’t necessarily have a fish flavour but the structure and shape makes them perfect on a breadroll with some lettuce and sauce. Excellent for a quick summer meal! Also at Jumbo.

Quorn Vegan Filet


Meat alternative made out of funghi. Usually has some egg protein in it but finally they managed to come up with a vegan version! These filets have a nice structure but are neutral in taste so you have to give them some flavour. Available at bigger Albert Heijn supermarkets.

AH Verse Plantaardige Burger


This creepy ‘real’ looking burger even releases juice when you’re frying it in a pan. 😱 Available at Albert Heijn.

HAK Zwarte Bonen Worst


Finally a meat alternative based on real ingredients! Made from beans, good for you! They also have two types of burgers made out of beans. Awesome that a traditional company like HAK is obviously trying to cater for people who eat less meat. Available at Jumbo.

Boon Ballen


These balls are also made from beans! They make a vegan falafel burger too. Available at Jumbo.


Unfortunately meat alternative Tivall became Garden Gourmet. But with the transformation most vegan products became vegetarian instead.

Vivera promised all its meat alternatives will be vegan by the end of the year! ️🎉


  1. Bert Baanders says:

    It looks better than it is.
    This is all based on texturized soya with a lot of additives, which can be harmful for health.
    Meat Leaders like Tyson Foods, but also in Europe, companies like Unilever invest in proteïn alternatives, because there is not enough meat to couver the market.
    Its convenience food, but its not an alternative for healthy veggie food.

  2. Wendy says:

    My daughter is studying in Amsterdam and has struggled to find meat alternatives in her local supermarket, especially as she cannot always recognise if packaging says it is vegetarian/vegan.She now knows which shops to go to and the photos help her to find the products.

  3. hannah says:

    Me and my boyfriend visited recently and fell in love with the city and the vegan pate?! I cannot find it anywhere online, I know I bought it from Albert H’s supermarket but I need to know what brand it is, I need it in my life forever!! If anyone could help with a brand name then it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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