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Being vegan in Amsterdam ourselves, we’d love to share with you everything plant-powered this city has to offer!

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New to veganism?

Vegans strive to not use any animal products. Animals deserve a life of their own, without being held captive for human purposes.

Interested? Being vegan is easy and delicious! Discover the benefits of a healthy vegan diet:
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Get in touch!

We do our best to make sure all information provided is correct. If information is incorrect or outdated, please let us know. Do you have any tips regarding upcoming vegan events, animal rights protests etc. taking place in Amsterdam? Press releases about relevant subjects? Get in touch! You can reach us at info (at) veganamsterdam.org (in Dutch or in English).

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We do this on a voluntary basis and don’t receive any compensation from brands or places listed on this website, to remain independent. Vegan Amsterdam aims to show you the well-known vegetarian and vegan places in town, as well as additional places based on personal preference.

Use of our photos without permission is not allowed.

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Do you have an affinity for veganism and Amsterdam? Consider joining our team! We’re always looking for people with a passion for writing, photography, videography or cooking and we’d love to hear about your ideas. If you’re interested send us an email at info (at) veganamsterdam.org (in Dutch or in English).