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Eerste Oosterparkstraat 91


Tue-Sun 13:00 – 20:00

All vegan Egyptian streetfood restaurant. Specialises in koshari and a few other dishes. Mostly take-away, affordable options.


In Egypt many restaurants use the word ‘abu’ (meaning father) together with the name of the owner – hence ‘Abu Amr’. Owner Amr, who is vegan himself, wants to introduce real Egyptian streetfood to Amsterdam. Koshari can be considered as the national dish of Egypt. It’s vegan already, very nutritious and packed with flavour!

Amr started out with a location in Hilversum. October 2023 he opened the Amsterdam restaurant.


Koshari consists of rice, macaroni and brown lentils covered in a spicy tomato sauce. Topped up with chickpeas and fried onion. Other menu items are various pita sandwiches. Pita Hawawshi comes with vegan minced meat and veggies. Pita Foul with traditional Egyptian broad bean stew. Pita Gibna with vegan feta and vegetables.

Additionaly there’s a dessert on the menu. Roz bi laban, which is based on rice simmered in coconutmilk.


There are just a few places to sit in the restaurant, since they are mainly focused on take-away. They are on various delivery platforms.

In the restaurant also various food items are for sale to make koshari yourself at home.

Abu Amr Koshari is located close to Wibautstraat. The same spot where before them restaurants Bataat and Beter&Leuk used to be! Just a few minutes from metrostop Wibautstraat.


Roz bi laban dessert.

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