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Hogelandplein 1C
Phone: 020-7370018


Tue-Sat 12:00 – 21:00

Casual health-oriented vegan-friendly restaurant close to RAI. Burgers, Mexican dishes, breakfast bowls and more.

Healthy and fast

The idea for Aubergini grew out of his disappointing experiences with take-away food in Amsterdam, tells founder Hamid Safaei. With his restaurant, his aim is twofold. To offer take-away food which is actually healthy and energizing for the body. And to offer that qualitative food without people having to wait too long for it.

The name Aubergini refers of course to eggplants, which is said to be the most consumed vegetable in Amsterdam. Here they use it in a considerable amount of dishes of course! Aubergini opened summer 2021. Besides health-conscious people and vegans they intend also to reach commuters and people working at offices nearby.

They started out as a fully vegan place but added dishes with meat from early 2023.

aubergini amsterdam

Aubergine quesadillas

Most food at Aubergini is vegan and in general health-focused. For them this means the food is always fresh and home-made, as organic as possible and free from refined sugar. On the menu there are many Mexican dishes like quesadillas, fajitas and nachos. Burgers (portobello or home-made black bean patty), salads and breakfast bowls (chia or açaí). Also sandwiches and spreads.

On the drink menu there are fresh smoothies and even wine! The wine may seem surprising on a healthy menu but is appreciated by their office clientele. Their intent is to change the menu every two months.

Future plans

Aubergini is located on a small square behind office buildings in Rivierenbuurt. Not on a busy street itself but very close to RAI and Amsterdam RAI trainstation. Also various metrostations nearby.

Seating indoor as well as outside.

The Amsterdam restaurant is just the start, Safaei wants to roll out the Aubergini concept worldwide in the future. The next Amsterdam locations will be just delivery / take-away though.


aubergini amsterdam

aubergini amsterdam

aubergini amsterdam

aubergini amsterdam

aubergini amsterdam

aubergini amsterdam


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