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bar kantoor amsterdam

Haarlemmerweg 8
Phone: 020-8203331


Mon-Thu 07:00 – 23:00
Fri-Sat 07:00 – 00:00
Sun 07:00 – 22:30

Vegetarian restaurant and part of eco-hotel chain Conscious Hotels. Located in a beautiful monumental building in Westerpark. Most of the menu options are vegan.

‘Meat-ing cancelled’

Conscious Hotel Westerpark opened in 2018, being the fourth location of this hotel chain. Their aim is to combine sustainability and design in a playful manner, and are considered pioneers in the hotel world regarding sustainability.

Bar Kantoor is their adjoining restaurant, the name referring to the building’s old function as an office (in Dutch: ‘kantoor’) for the gas factory which used to be located on this part of Westerpark. In the fall of 2022 they decided to take all meat and fish off the menu, thus having a completely vegetarian menu (‘meat-ing cancelled’, as their menu says in a play on their office theme). Most of the menu options are vegan. All their food and drinks are also organic.

bar kantoor amsterdam

All day

Bar Kantoor is opened from early morning until late at night, so they have a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. All vegan options are clearly labelled. For breakfast there’s a.o. coconut yogurt with granola, fruit and maple syrup. For lunch they have six vegan dishes: various sandwiches, soup or salad.

The dinner menu has three vegan dishes, like a jackfruit rendang with vegetables and rice, or celeriac steak with beurre café de paris and fries. Also plenty of starters, some desserts, sidedishes and even something for the kids. It’s also possible to order the dishes as a three course dinner format. Cool to know, the kitchen doesn’t cook on gas but just electric!


Bar Kantoor is located in the big building on the right if you enter from the drawbridge from Haarlemmerweg to Westergasterrein. In the middle of Westerpark, with the beautiful older park area to the east. To the west the Westergasterrein where a lot of cultural stuff is happening. Bus and tram stops nearby.

Apart from the tables inside there is also a big, spacious terrace outside.

Besides Bar Kantoor the other restaurants and bar areas of Conscious Hotels also changed to a vegetarian menu. Most notably Café Moer at Amstelveenseweg, whose menu partially overlaps with Bar Kantoor.


bar kantoor amsterdam

bar kantoor amsterdam

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