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Warmperserij 3, Zaandam
Phone: 075-2013069


Fri 18:00 – 24:00
Sat 12:30 – 16:00 / 18:00 – 24:00
Sun 15:00 – 22:00

Open March until October

Vegetarian fine dining restaurant situated in Het HEM, Zaandam. Created by chef Arvid Schmidt from restaurant Entrepot. Vegan menu upon request.

Cooking on wood

When cultural space Het HEM approached Arvid Schmidt if he would be interested to start a vegetarian restaurant in their building, he couldn’t say no to such a beautiful location.
Het HEM is situated in a former munitions factory at the Zaandam side of the North Sea Canal, and is home to various artistic projects. Among others a space for music, a library, exhibition spaces, artist studios and food.

Schmidt is chef/owner at restaurant Entrepot, from where he brought his kitchen colleagues Boris Sanders and Tim Martinus to join him at Bois. Just like at Entrepot, they are cooking here on wood. Partially also for practical reasons, there is no gas connection in the building. In the open kitchen they focus on curing, fermenting, smoking and roasting with ingredients grown and collected in the Netherlands.

restaurant bois hem

Ten course menu

They offer a ten-course vegetarian menu (€70) which can be made vegan upon request without too much trouble (but let them know in advance). Wine or juice pairing is possible. The menu is different every month, but changes gradually week by week. The wines are mostly biodynamic or natural.

Industrial setting

On an average night they have about 30-40 guests which allows for an intimate setting. On sunny days guests are seated on the terrace outside, overlooking the industrial North Sea Canal.

Besides restaurant Bois also restaurant Zanini and sourdough bakery Solinger are located in the same building. Bois is closed during winter like the rest of Het HEM, as the building is not isolated for the cold.

Het HEM is located in Zaandam, very close to the Hempont ferry coming from Amsterdam (Westpoort area). When you get off the ferry just take the road directly to the right, next to the water. Alternatively, there’s a bus stop in Zaandam at 5 minutes away by foot.


restaurant bois hem

restaurant bois hem

restaurant bois hem
Chefs Tim and Boris, restaurant manager Melle (middle)

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