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Rozenstraat 12
Phone: 020-8100945


Mon-Sun 18:00 – 23:00
Bar open daily 12:00 – 23:00

Vegan fine dining restaurant, located within Hotel Mercier in Jordaan district.


After owner Daphne Althoff went vegan a few years ago, she increasingly longed to work in a vegan-minded work setting. And then decided she’d create this herself! Eventually, Bonboon opened late 2018. As a hostess Daphne serves the guests every night. Extra nice to know Bonboon is owned by someone really supporting veganism and animal rights.

After nearly five years of running a business by herself, through difficult times for horeca, owner Daphne Althoff was considering to quit summer 2023. But accidentally the owner of Hotel Mercier came for dinner, was amazed by the food, and thought it would be a shame if Bonboon would end. So end of story, Bonboon teamed up with the hotel and moved to the Jordaan!

Five course fine dining

Bonboon is open for dinner only. They offer a five course set menu, just choose how many courses you’d like. The dishes change every 8 weeks. Original and flavorful dishes made with ingredients from the season, for example roasted celeriac | mole | fermented oxheart cabbage with lime aioli | salsa verde | hazelnut. Wine pairing and tea paring optional.

Vegan hotel bar

Besides for dinner you can also pass by just for drinks or snacks at the now all vegan (!) hotel bar. Various cocktails, snacks like empanadas or bitterballen.

The restaurant is located in the Jordaan district, close to Rozengracht and Prinsengracht. Tram stop nearby (Westermarkt). Walking distance from city centre.

Bonboon is one of the few 100% vegan fine dining restaurants in Amsterdam. They got an excellent review (8) from Het Parool end 2021.

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