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Spotted: sticker of animal sanctuary Melief

stichting melief

Spotted at Rijnstraat – this sticker of animal sanctuary Stichting Melief! Started by two vegans at a location close to Rotterdam, they eventually moved to Germany (just over the border at Emmen) to be able to expand. They’re taking care of literally thousands of animals! Melief is open for visitors every Saturday afternoon and at the yearly open day, this year on August 27th.

Spotted: animal rights solidarity sticker

Spotted at Bilderdijkstraat – support sticker for the Free Sven and Natasha campaign. Sven and Natasha are two animal rights activists from Amsterdam who are being prosecuted for involvement in the SHAC campaign, an animal rights campaign set up to close down notorious animal laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences in the UK. Sven and Natasha are currently awaiting trial in England.

Visit www.freesvenandnatasha.org to learn more.

Spotted: Party for the Animals election poster

Spotted at Nassauplein, Amsterdam West. Poster of Marianne Thieme, for the general election next week. She is parliamentary leader of the Dutch Party for the Animals (‘Partij voor de Dieren’ in Dutch) and also vegan.

She co-founded the political party in 2002, with the aim of representing non-human animals in parliament. At the moment they hold two seats at the House of Representatives. They are the first political party worldwide focused on non-human animals to have achieved a position in parliament!

Educating people about the meat industry with Ongehoord’s newest project Dier in Blik

How can we make people empathise with animals in the meat industry? Animal rights group Ongehoord believes they found the answer with their newest project Dier in Blik 2.0 Build entirely by themselves, it’s a smart and unique project to educate the public, allowing visitors to experience the life of a pig in the meat industry.

Vegan Amsterdam went to have a look at a try-out in Amsterdam and got to ask a few questions to spokesperson Johan Boonstra.

The interview is in Dutch, if you want to switch on/off English subtitles just click in the bottom of the screen to select.

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