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‘Even Geen Vlees’ ad campaign


New initiative to encourage people to eat less meat: Even Geen Vlees (translates as ‘no meat for a while’). Run by two vegans from Amsterdam.

The idea is to finance an ongoing poster campaign on Dutch train stations. To launch the campaign, this first poster got placed on trainstation Amsterdam Zuid and will be visible for a week. It draws attention to the huge amount of water needed for the production of meat and dairy.

Spotted: anti animal testing slogan


Spotted at Amsterdam-Zuid, 2015.

The BPRC is a primate testing laboratory located in Rijswijk. The website bprcmoetdicht.org belonged to ‘Actiecampagne Koen’, a grassroots campaign to close down the centre. The campaign reached its highlight between 2001 and 2004 with actions happening all over the country. Actiecampagne Koen ended eventually and the BPRC is still open, yet other groups like Een Dier Een Vriend and Anti Dierproeven Coalitie are still campaigning for its closure.