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Taste Before You Waste: vegan dinner made from rescued food

taste before you waste

Taste Before You Waste started in 2012 in an effort to reduce food waste. Several times a week, volunteers cycle with a cargo bike past various food stores at Javastraat to pick up food which would otherwise get thrown away. On Wednesdays this food is used to prepare a three-course meal, aka ‘Wasteless Dinner’. By directly saving food, their mission is also to create awareness amongst citizens about consumer food waste.

The reason why the food they offer is vegan is that that way they can reach the widest audience, as well as be the safest regarding food safety guidelines. Also vegan food has maximum shelf life, so there’s the least spoilage, tells chairperson Wingston Sharon. He is programmer by profession, many other volunteers are students. Read more

Rå Bowls: all vegan, healthy meal bowls in De Pijp

ra bowls amsterdam

Restaurant concept first started in Hamburg by two young entrepreneurs, since May 2022 also present in Amsterdam. Located in Groningen as well. The name Rå comes from the Danish word for ‘raw’ or ‘unprocessed’, reflecting their core principles of simplicity, health and sustainability. Hence a small menu, where everything is vegan. Their motto is ‘rethinking fast food’. Read more

Ten course vegan fine dining at vegetarian restaurant Bois

restaurant bois hem

When cultural space Het HEM approached Arvid Schmidt if he would be interested to start a vegetarian restaurant in their building, he couldn’t say no to such a beautiful location. Het HEM is situated in a former munitions factory at the Zaandam side of the North Sea Canal, and is home to various artistic projects. Among others a space for music, a library, exhibition spaces, artist studios and food.

Schmidt is chef/owner at restaurant Entrepot, from where he brought his kitchen colleagues Boris Sanders and Tim Martinus to join him at Bois. Just like at Entrepot, they are cooking here on wood. Partially also for practical reasons, there is no gas connection in the building. In the open kitchen they focus on curing, fermenting, smoking and roasting with ingredients grown and collected in the Netherlands. Read more

Organic restaurant Bloem is now fully vegan!

bloem restaurant

Bloem started in 2006 originally as a simple restaurant, serving meat and fish as well. Throughout the years they developed in a more organic and sustainable direction, with more and more vegetarian dishes on the menu.

Daniel Hutchinson started in the early days as restaurant manager, but by now is the owner and head chef of Bloem. After corona slowed down beginning 2022 he decided to no longer use animal products in his kitchen. “We switched to a fully vegan menu because we believe it is more fitting within these times and it’s also better for the world. But what we especially are trying to do is to show to people who are usually not eating vegan, that vegan food can also be very delicious.” Read more

Theehuis De Roos: vegetarian lunchroom within Vondelpark spiritual centre

de roos amsterdam

Located in a 19th century villa, De Roos exists since 2001 as a general spiritual centre, not one specific direction. They have daily activities such as yoga, meditation, mantra singing, various workshops and lectures.

A part of the centre is the ‘Theehuis’, which is open every day of the week. They don’t just serve tea, it’s a modest lunchroom with a 100% vegetarian menu, some dishes are vegan. They use organic ingredients. Read more

The Old Soul: vegan classic dishes from the Afro-Surinamese cuisine


the old soul amsterdam

“Nothing comes ahead of its time,” her mother used to say. Cooking has always been Diana Gambier’s passion and already twelve years ago she was making plans to start a food business herself. But after she left her office job the moment was there. She opened The Old Soul March 2022.

Diana moved from Surinam to the Netherlands 35 years ago. Cooking means for her togetherness, enjoyment and community. “I want to tell the story of the Afro-Surinamese cuisine. Dishes like Moksi Alesi or Her Heri, how did they originate? To me this is important, because it is part of my culture and my background. Not everyone knows what happened in those times and I want to tell that story.”

In the 17th century the Netherlands colonized Surinam and brought enslaved persons from West Africa, to work at the plantations. So certain dishes and ingredients from West Africa became a part of the Surinamese cuisine, which is a melting pot of cuisines due to all the different people and cultures coexisting in Surinam nowadays.

Anything can be veganised

Diana found out a while ago she is lactose intolerant, so she got used to eating vegan. Also what is known as soulfood is not always good for the soul, as it includes many unhealthy animal ingredients. This shaped her determination to focus on the many colourful plant-based options which already exist in the Afro-Surinamese cuisine. “Anything can be veganised”, Diana emphasizes. Read more

Peach Plant Based Kitchen: vegan take-away in Amsterdam Noord

peach amsterdam

Peach Plant Based Kitchen originally started out end 2020 as a temporary take-away, running out of the kitchen of Robin Food in Amsterdam West. Run by Irene and two others. In the meanwhile they were looking for a more permanent spot, preferably in Amsterdam Noord and now finally found it!

December 2021 Irene and her partner Nèrys walked by chance past the potential location at Gedempt Hamerkanaal, a small kitchen space in a building where before vegetarian take-away Green Canteen used to be housed (which we visited a few years ago!). When they got the key everything happened fast, and Peach opened February 2022.

Both Irene and Nèrys are chefs, Irene is the more creative half, with years of experience in vegan organic catering. Nèrys is a classically trained chef, but while many of his friends went into the direction of Nordic cuisine, he followed his interest in Asian cuisine. In the past he worked a.o. at Indonesian restaurant Long Pura and Malaysian restaurant Wau. Read more

Hearth: reopened with a fully vegan menu!

hearth amsterdam

Hearth originally started back in 2016, when Italians Valentino and Marco opened their small restaurant / creative space at the Albert Cuypstraat. They know each other from working at the Amstel Hotel (kitchen and management). At the Albert Cuypstraat they were offering a vegetarian menu with mostly soups, pasta dishes and tiramisu, with many vegan options. The name Hearth comes from the combination of heart and earth, referring to merging things they are passionate about (like art and music), with a sense of responsibility for the planet.

After several successful years they were looking for a bigger location and closed the restaurant early 2020, coincidentally around the time corona started. Determined to reopen again they waited it out and kept looking for a new location. And so they eventually opened again in January 2022. This time in Amsterdam Oost, and now as a fully vegan restaurant! Because during the years, they themselves also made the change from vegetarian to vegan, tells Valentino. Read more

Amona Foodtruck: falafel and other Jordanese dishes at Waterlooplein

amona foodtruck

Not all falafel in Amsterdam is the same obviously. There’s the mediocre falafel at doner shops and late night snackbars, at least always a safe vegan option. Then there’s the better quality falafel, often to be found in dedicated falafel places. Maoz is of these perhaps the most known, serving vegans since the beginning of time, when vegan restaurants were rare in town! But they serve the falafel in pita bread. Personally my favourite way is to have ’em rolled up in a Lebanese flatbread, with salads and tahin sauce. This is exactly the way it’s served at Amona Foodtruck. They are located at Waterlooplein and thus offer a quick vegan option right in the centre of town!

Amona started by Majdi Samahah, who is originally from Jordan (the country, not the neighbourhood). He specialises in various dishes from the Middle-East, including some meat but also several vegan options. Legumes like lentils and chickpeas play an important role in the Arab cuisine. Read more

Wild & The Moon: new vegan healthfood concept from Paris

wild & the moon amsterdam

The first Wild & The Moon restaurant opened in Dubai, by Parisian entrepreneur Emmanuelle Sawko. This became such a success that more restaurants in Paris followed. So far they have 10 locations in Paris, some include seating, others are just take-away. The idea behind Wild & The Moon is to offer ultra-healthy food to people. All their food is vegan, organic, gluten- and sugar-free.

When Dutch entrepreneur Nick Peperkamp visited one of the Paris locations, he was immediately impressed by the concept, and proposed to branch out to the Netherlands. So eventually Wild & The Moon Amsterdam opened January 2022. Read more