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New vegan icecream place in the west!

In these challenging times sometimes you have to think outside of the box. Yogastudio Bluebirds can’t give yoga lessons for a while, so decided to start a vegan icecream place at one of their locations! At their yogastudio / store at Jan Evertsenstraat they set up an icecream showcase where they offer six flavours, like coconut lime, straciatella and banana-pecan-caramel! Also the cones are vegan. The icecream shop will be there all summer, and perhaps return the next year! Read more

All vegetarian Middle-Eastern cuisine

Sajj & Mezza’s opened end 2019 by Nabil and Sari. They always had a passion for cooking and so were dreaming of opening up their own restaurant. Because of their shared Middle-Eastern background (people working in the restaurant are from a.o. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon) it would only make sense to put dishes from that cuisine on the menu. With one difference, only vegetarian dishes, since they want to put the focus on healthy food. “We want to offer traditional Middle Eastern dishes, but adapted to the west,” tells Sari. Read more

Monte Pelmo expands their range of vegan ice cream!

One of the classic icecream places in Amsterdam, Monte Pelmo has been around since the fifties! Located in the heart of the Jordaan area it’s a very popular spot in summer. Like most icecream places they’ve always had vegan options namely sorbet icecream. But they’ve recently came up with a few vegan non-sorbet flavours as well, by popular demand! Currently they offer hazelnut, pistache, coconut and dark chocolate. And of course several fruit flavours (sorbet) as well (like limoncello or spicy strawberry heeeeey). Read more

New all vegan food store with Pakistani deli!

Vegan Shop Shop opened end 2019 by Barbara and Ali, who are vegan with Pakistani roots. You might remember Ali from the vegan pop-up Vegan Snack Shop he was running a few years ago at Beukenplein! Now with Vegan Shop Shop they broadened this concept to include a store as well. They are selling various brands of vegan cheese, macarons and other baked goods by Baking Bunny and an eclectic mix of organic packaged food. They prefer to offer local and social products. Read more

Closed during corona but their food is available for delivery! Within the area bounded by highway A10 (‘binnen de ring’). Call to order.

Vegan Assassins: new take-away at Plantagebuurt

vegan assassins

New vegan take-away by chef collective Vegan Assassins. Four chefs who previously cooked a.o. at Mediamatic and Dokhuis Galerie and got together in pre-corona times. But for this situation decided to start a take-away, located at the kitchen at Dokhuis Galerie. To offer to people food that is good for the planet and good for their health, as well as creating an alternative for affordable food at the various people’s kitchens in Amsterdam, which are not open at the moment of course. Read more

More vegan sushi!

vegan sushi bar

Vegan Sushi Bar started by David and Veronica, a couple who are both vegan and have a background in business. Originally they wanted to start their own coffeeplace in Amsterdam, but after a trip to the US they changed their minds! Both in LA and New York City they visited some great vegan sushi places and loved it so much they wanted to start one themselves. Then in just four months time they started Vegan Sushi Bar. Their motto: ‘the only thing we take out of the ocean is plastic!’ (and seaweed of course). Read more

During corona they remain open for take-away as well as delivery.

Yemayá: new vegan Surinamese restaurant!

yemaya amsterdam


Opened just last month, Yemayá is the first vegan restaurant in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost! Started by brothers Martin and Merrel and Merrel’s wife Sharon, who all have a Surinamese background. Martin and Merrel have a business in home furnishings but for a while were dreaming of taking a new step where they could benefit the community more. When a real estate agent contacted them and offered a good deal on an empty store space, it was like it had meant to be. They started to make plans for real.

Martin tells me he has been vegan for about 20 years, and felt a growing urge to contribute to the well-being of the planet. Opening up a vegan restaurant for the local community is for them the first step in making a difference. Martin:”We want to show people that eating vegan is also possible, you don’t always need to eat meat.” Read more

Amsterdam now has a vegan sushi restaurant

plant based sushi amsterdam

Plant Based Sushi started by South African expat Claudia Deken, who was bored with the available vegan options at sushi restaurants. Having a background in business, she started to organise her own vegan sushi events, where different chefs were doing the kitchen part. One of these chefs was Jessica Lai, they had a good connection and now Jes is the permanent sushi chef. Originally from Taiwan, but she has worked before at restaurants in Spain and Australia!

Summer 2019 Plant Based Sushi found a temporary home at cultural space De Ruimte in Amsterdam North, where they hosted a pop-up every weekend for two months. Then start of 2020 they finally found a more permanent space at lunchroom OKO Cultural Meeting Point. OKO is open during the day, Plant Based Sushi takes over the space at night! Read more

Alas momentarily closed right now of course but they do offer DELIVERY and take-away (pick up at Vegabond)! For this they prepare a colourful box filled with 6 pieces of sushi and 3 side dishes (every day except Tuesdays).

First vegan cheese store in the Netherlands just opened

A few years ago Brad Vanstone started to eat a predominantly plant-based diet, out of concern for the environment, as dairy farming is for a large part responsible for global warming. Replacing meat and milk was easy, but he couldn’t find a satisfying alternative for cheese. He started making plant-based cheese just for at home, which grew into a company! Originally under the name ‘Plantbased Cheese’, Brad was selling the plant-based cheeses at various markets in Amsterdam.

Late 2019 the name changed to Willicroft, coinciding with the opening of the store and the introduction of the products to various supermarkets outside Amsterdam as well. Read more