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Kometensingel 152a
Phone: 06-18805715


Thu-Sat 08:00 – 20:00
Sun 10:00 – 20:00

Vintage furniture store and cafe / hangout in one. Their own menu is fully vegan, though they also sell some non-vegan pastry. Located in an old church building in Tuindorp Oostzaan (Amsterdam Noord).

Former church

Two years ago some friends wanted to open up a cafe, and decided to combine that with a furniture store (which was already an occupation of one of them). They found a temporary location at Purmerplein (Amsterdam Noord) and called it Purmer.

When they had to move, they found a new place in a former church building. Vegan chef Sam joined forces and so their own menu is now fully vegan. The new name Cometa refers to the name of the street: Kometensingel. They opened May 2021, and here they are now also open during the evening. And another improvement, this location is not a temporary one anymore!

cometa amsterdam

Oyster mushroom shawarma

The main items on the menu are various pita bread sandwiches. Italian, Middle-Eastern or Ethiopian inspired flavours. They don’t use any faux meat products, so everything is made from plants. The vegan shawarma for example is made from oyster mushroom, eggplant and celeriac! Other items on the menu are a soup, a salad, icecream and even a vegan croissant.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays they are selling the bread from nearby popular home bakery Kometenbrood. They also have some non-vegan pastry from Kometenbrood, so beware.

Pool table

Besides the seating inside, they also have a small terrace in the garden outside. And inside they even have a pool table!

Most of the furniture inside is for sale, a selection of it can also be found online on the website of House of Diaz.

Cometa is located in a residential street in Tuindorp Oostzaan, Amsterdam Noord. Close to shopping centre Molenwijk. Peaceful bike ride to get to there, alternatively bus stops nearby. You can find their food also on delivery platform Thuisbezorgd.



cometa amsterdam

cometa amsterdam

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