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deer mama

Ceintuurbaan 71
Phone: 020-2334882


Mon-Sun 11:00 – 22:00

Vegan next level burgerbar. Also offers vegan milkshakes, soft serve, pies and various streetfood and charcoal grill dishes.

More than junkfood

Deer Mama opened late 2018 by the same owners of vegan lunchroom Dophert. With the latter setting the bar for a new generation of vegan establishments, anticipation was high. And Deer Mama does not disappoint. Although the focus lies on vegan burgers, it’s much more than just junkfood. Also various food journalists took notice, read reviews here and here.

Any time of the day

Brunch- and lunchtime is covered with various breakfast bowls, pancakes, sandwiches, scrambled tofu, ramen bowls and yes burgers.

While for dinner one can choose from various vegetable dishes, deepfried snacks, burgers and ramen bowls.

Standing out on the drinks menu are of course their ‘boozy’ milkshakes – with added rum, vodka, whiskey or vegan Baileys.

And don’t forget to check the pies!

De Pijp

Deer Mama is located at Ceintuurbaan, De Pijp. One minute by foot of metrostation ‘De Pijp’ (Noord-Zuid lijn).

In the meantime Dophert is discontinued, but several favourites of the Dophert menu reappeared at Deer Mama.

deer mama

deer mama

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