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Haarlemmerdijk 113
Phone: 020-3636184


Tue-Sat 09:00 – 18:00
Sun 11:00 – 17:00


Vegan organic juice bar at Haarlemmerdijk.

Freshly prepared

As you soon as you enter this tiny shop you’re surrounded by plants and stacks of fruit everywhere! Before she started Dr. Smooji, Yalda Ali was working in healthcare, but it was her dream from early age to start her own food business. Back in Afghanistan she was raised eating lots of fruit, vegetables, ginger etc. and continued to do so later.

In 2016 she made the initial plans to open up something evolving around healthy, freshly prepared food. In 2020 she opened, tough enough during the first corona lockdown. It has proven a succes however and many people living in the neighbourhood have found her place.

dr smooji

Wellness shots

The main items on the menu are green vegetable juices, fruit juices, ‘wellness shots’ (ginger, turmeric etc.) and smoothies. All prepared fresh before your eyes in a slowjuicer. Yalda’s own favourites are the Pineapple Surprise juice (pineapple, strawberries, lime and orange) and the Hawaiian smoothie (passion fruit, coconut, mango, acerola cherries, apple and pineapple)!

Other options are an açaí bowl, soup of the day and various hot spiced teas and hot chocolate. She also offers some vegan ‘bites’ from Sue, and bananabread by Baking Bunny.

Inside there are a few stools, but it’s mainly for take-away. During summer also a few tables outside. Dr. Smooji is located at a corner of Haarlemmerdijk, near Haarlemmerplein.


dr smoooji

dr smooji

dr smooji