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Dutch pancakes



Although pancakes are not strictly reserved to the Dutch cuisine, the way we make them differs from other countries. Compared to American pancakes, Dutch pancakes are larger and flatter, though thicker than French crêpes. Delicious but easy to make, they are a favourite of children and adults alike. Perhaps this is why one can find Dutch pancake restaurants all over the world? The following recipe is based on traditional versions, but adapted to a plant-based diet. It will make about 5 pancakes.

250 g wheat flour
7 g baking powder
pinch of salt
350 ml soymilk
half a banana
150 ml sparkling water
a dash of sunflower oil


In a bowl, mix the flour with the baking powder and the salt. In a high cup, mix the banana with the soymilk using a hand blender. Take the blender out and pour in the sparkling water and the oil, mix with a spoon.

Slowly, pour the liquid into the flour mixture while stirring with a whisk. Don’t use a mixer or blender as it will make the batter heavy. Mix until smooth.


Take a skillet with a flat bottom and put it on high heat. Put in just enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan. When you see the surface of the oil is slowly vibrating, pour in the batter, using a ladle. Tilt the skillet to ensure the whole bottom is covered with batter, if necessary put in more batter but work quickly. You want to cover the whole bottom so the pancake will get a round even shape. Put the fire on medium heat.


When the edges are starting to brown and the pancake can move freely on the bottom, lift the pancake up at a side to check the bottom of the pancake. When it’s looking golden brown, flip the pancake. You can do this using a spatula but flipping it in the air is more fun, and once you get the hang of it, also easier! When the other side is looking golden, your pancake is ready to be eaten.


The most common way to eat pancakes in the Netherlands is with powdered sugar or syrup (ask for ‘schenkstroop’ in a Dutch supermarket). Roll the pancake up if preferred. Apple pancakes are a tasty variant. To do this lay some apple slices in the skillet, and add the batter on top. Besides sweet toppings, savoury toppings are also common.


A different traditional way to make pancakes, is to use buckwheat flour for the batter. Replace the wheat flour totally or partially with buckwheat flour.


  1. Dorottya says:

    Hello! We got Van gilse origonale schenkstroop from a friend. I ate a lot from it, because I thought it is maple sirup. I’m vegan, and now I’m a little bit confused. So is the van gilse origonale schenkstroop vegan? Thank you!

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