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het groene veld amsterdam

Buikslotermeerdijk 95
Phone: 06-13756790


Fri 17:00 – 21:00
(food served from 19:00)

Reservation required (call during Friday afternoon).

Vegan people’s kitchen every Friday at Eetcafé ADM Noord / Het Groene Veld. Located in Amsterdam North, just north of ring road A10.

From Westpoort to Noord

Het Groene Veld started out in 2019 but its origins go back way further. In 1997 a piece of land in the western harbour of Amsterdam (Westpoort) got squatted. This evolved into a flourishing community of people known as ADM, a legendary place with over a 100 residents. It lasted until 2019 when they got evicted. The city of Amsterdam proposed a new temporary location for them, at what is now known as Het Groene Veld, or ADM Noord.

At the restaurant space (established in 2022) there’s vegan people’s kitchen every Friday night. Three course meal prepared by volunteers, because community is important! No choice of menu, you just eat what is made, for the modest price of 10.

het groene veld amsterdam


All food is vegan, and as much as possible organic. Often they’re using vegetables from their own garden.

Nice detail: they are serving various beers from Friekens Brouwerij. A brewery which originated in the squatting movement – at ADM and at former squat Villa Friekens. Now they operate a professional brewery elsewhere in Amsterdam North.


Besides the restaurant there is much more stuff happening at Het Groene Veld. Concerts in the Machinekamer building, garden activities, movie nights, artists studios, workspaces etc. For an overview see here.

Seating inside as well as on the terrace outside. Sometimes they also light a fire pit.

ADM Noord / Het Groene Veld is located next to the Noordhollandsch Kanaal, just after you cross underneath highway A10. After the entrance follow the road down inside, you’ll eventually find the restaurant building on your right. Fifteen minute walking distance from metrostation ‘Noord’.

The future of Het Groene Veld remains unclear. Originally they would have to leave after two years, currently the end date is set to October 2024. But inhabitants and many neighbours are uniting to convince the city of the benefits of their presence for the local community. Let’s hope they can stay much longer!


het groene veld amsterdam