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Flo’s Appetizing – vegan options at this legit bagel place

flo's appetizing

Edit Sept 23 – currently the bagels itself are not vegan as they use honey in the poaching process, but they’ve let me know they will switch back to malt again in the near future

Of course we all know Bagels & Beans, been around since forever, ten years ago one of the few places in town that had vegan options and could make you a coffee with soymilk (!). But late last year Flo’s Appetizing opened, specialised in real-deal NYC style bagels, American expats and bagel lovers are raving about it ever since! Here they make the bagels fresh on a daily basis so when the bagels are finished for the day, that’s that.

Flo’s started by American expat and baker Heather Eddy, who grew up on the eastcoast of the US. Here in Amsterdam she missed the quality bagels she was used to, as well as the charm of the bagel stores. She started as a pop-up offering bagels but then through a crowdfunding campaign she managed to open Flo’s as an actual store! It’s named in honour of her grandma Florence (whose portrait is hanging in the store). The word appetizing refers to the traditional Jewish stores that sell fish and cream cheese to put on top of a bagel.

Like in the US, custom is to have your bagel with a schmear, a spread. At Flo’s they currently have two vegan options, bagel with vegan schmear, and a bagel with carrot lox – vegan version of the traditional lox bagel which is with salmon.

There is some seating available inside but you can also grab some bagels for takeaway.

Flo’s Appetizing
Jan Pieter Heijestraat 121
Phone: 020-8461200


Wed-Sun 09:00 – 15:00


flo's appetizing

flo's appetizing
Bagel with beet pastrami and vegan cheese (not at the current menu).

flo's appetizing



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