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flower burger amsterdam

Hartenstraat 29 H
Phone: 06-85155153


Mon-Sun 12:00 – 22:00

Vegan burger bar, originally from Italy. No fake meat here, all burger patties are homemade using beans, lentils etc.

Real ingredients

Flower Burger started in 2015 in Milan and gradually branched out to other Italian cities. Besides Italy and the Netherlands they are also located in France and England. This is not the first location in the Netherlands however, you might know them from their Rotterdam restaurant, but it closed in 2020 alas.

What makes their burgers different from all the other vegan burgers in Amsterdam (nowadays there’s a LOT) is that they’re relatively more healthy. No processed fake meat but the burger patties are made from real ingredients: chickpeas, red kidney beans, lentils, seitan, tofu etc. They also don’t use a deep fryer: the potato wedges come from the oven.

flower burger amsterdam

Chocolate salami

The menu is not huge but this is a burger bar after all. So there are six different burgers, each one has a different coloured bun which they also make themselves. They offer a few side dishes as well: potato wedges, edamame beans and bites made out of seitan and red kidney beans (called Flower Bombs). The burgers are available separately or as part of a menu (with a side dish and a drink).

If you’re still craving something sweet afterwards they have a few original options. Various cake-like desserts, icecream and ‘chocolate salami’, what? Yes, it’s a classic Italian dessert, consisting of chocolate and broken cookies!

Flower power

The interior is inspired by the theme of ‘flower power’ – think flowers and bright colours. The place is not too big, but apart from inside there are also a few tables outside on the pavement.

Flower Burger is located at Hartenstraat, Negen Straatjes. Right in the city centre, just a stone’s throw away from Dam square. Tram stops nearby (Raadhuisstraat).

flower burger amsterdam

flower burger amsterdam

flower burger amsterdam

flower burger amsterdam

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