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Gouden Tent


Marie Heinekenplein 11
Open: Mon-Sun 10:00 – 19:00


If you’ve ever had falafel in a roll of Lebanese flatbread, you don’t want the pita thing anymore. Gouden Tent (which translates roughly as ‘Golden Place’) is a vegetarian deli selling falafel but also Mediterranean style salads, olives and spreads, including many different kinds of hummus. Yummy on that falafel wrap!





  1. Bert says:

    Gouden Tent houmous is exceptional… but for the very best (Libanese style, wrap) Falafel go to the tail of the Ten Kate market (a few stalls when crossing the Kinkerstraat)- a very friendly Libanese man where on the spot scooped and fried falafel and also top of the bill freshly made babaganoush is found. The market stall looks a bit cheap, but trust me – there you can find often the best stuff. Next time I’ll be checking their Lentil soup!

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