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Haarlemmerdijk 26


Mon-Sat 10:00 – 18:00
Sun 11:00 – 16:00

Vegetarian food store with many carefully selected products, including a lot of vegan specialties.

Graphic design

Food store Klein The Grocer recently opened at Haarlemmerdijk, and stands out by it’s strong visual appearance and aesthetics. Which you will note when cycling past in the street and even more so when you enter the shop. No wonder that owner Neil has a background in graphic design! He is originally from South Africa and has his own design agency there. But he always liked Amsterdam and was ready for a change.

Four years ago Neil went vegetarian. He always preferred the vegetarian option, but it was after watching documentary What The Health and eating amazing vegetarian food during a trip to Thailand that he made the switch: “I decided, that was it.” Now by opening his own food store he has the opportunity to devote his time to another passion in his life: good food.

klein the grocer

Vegan cheese

The idea behind Klein The Grocer is to be a shop for people who like to cook. You’ll find for example umami rich products grouped together, or all the stuff you need to make pizza, or ingredients made out of hemp. But also fizzy drinks, lots of vegan cheese, freshly baked bread, microgreens, hot sauces etc. and non-food items such as seeds to grow your own vegetables and vegan cooking books. Many products in the store are vegan, in fact Neil intends to make the store fully vegan in the future!


Other future plans include turning the garden house into a natural wines shed and to have a modest terrace in the garden where people can enjoy a coffee!

Klein The Grocer is located at Haarlemmerdijk, close to central station, Jordaan area and Westerpark. Pretty much across the street you’ll find vegan store Vegan Shop Shop.

klein the grocer


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