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kool food amsterdam

Wibautstraat 95


Wed-Sun 11:30 – 22:00

Vegan bar/restaurant at Wibautstraat, vegetable focused comfortfood dishes.

Making vegan food more accessible

Inspired by the vegan shift at his workplace De Groene Afslag, a sustainable hub in Laren, Max Mol started thinking about setting up his own vegan restaurant. Through common friends, he met Joost van Hout, who was working as a strategic consultant at the time, but thinking of the same idea. They opened Kool Food July 2023. Initially as a pop-up, to allow for some testing of the concept. But they are here for long-term.

Their aim is to make vegan food more accessible for a wider audience, including non-vegans. They are offering plant-based comfortfood, but don’t advertise with the fact they are fully vegan.

The name is a reference to cool, as well as the Dutch word for cabbage (‘kool’), to refer to the fact their dishes are made starting from local vegetables, rather than using meat alternatives. The menu is created by Bastiaan van der Staak, who is also the chef at De Groene Afslag.

kool food amsterdam

Brioche fried cauliflower ‘kibbeling’

A burger made from battered celeriac, ‘fried fish’ from cauliflower, shawarma made from chickpeas. Everything at Kool Food is made in their own kitchen, based on vegetables. Their concise menu features popular comfort food dishes. Besides 8 main dishes they also have various snacks (cauliflower wings, loaded nachos) and a few sides (grilled vegetables, fries) on the menu. Pastry options are carrot cake or brownie.

Sunny terrace

Kool Food is located in Amsterdam East at Wibautstraat, across from the big Albert Heijn supermarket. Broad pavement with plenty space for their big terrace. Metro Wibautstraat at a stone’s throw distance. Their interior is inspired by Scandinavian minimalist style.

In the near future they are hoping to open 6 or 7 days a week.


kool food amsterdam

kool food amsterdam