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Little Plant Pantry

little plant pantry

Bosboom Toussaintstraat 45
Phone: 020-7860802


Tue-Sat 10:00 – 19:00
Sun 12:00 – 19:00

Vegan and plastic-free bulkfood store in Oud-West. Also food counter with healthy comfort food dishes, drinks and desserts.

Zero waste

Flashback to a few years ago. Maria and Winter are living in their cottage on the Irish countryside. They try to recycle as well as possible and save plastic garbage at their home before bringing it to a waste collection point every now and then. But seeing the pile of plastic packaging growing so fast makes them very aware of the amount of trash they produce, and, the idea for a zero-waste bulkfood store is born.

The idea of a bulkfood store is simple. Bring your own bags or jars and fill them in the store with the product you need, and you skip the process of a hard to recycle plastic package altogether.

In order to make their plan work they decide to move to a city so they can reach more people, and opt for Amsterdam, since it is one of their favourite cities. And thus, Little Plant Pantry opened early 2019!

Their mission: to have the whole store plastic-free. But in order to do this they only want to work with producers who can deliver the products without plastic packaging, including for transport.

All the basics and more

In the store you can find many basic foods every healthy vegan needs, like dried beans, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, coffee, teas, oils. But also a small selection of personal care and cleaning products, and fresh products like vegan cheese, nutmilks, cakes and such. Some of them from small producers, some of them homemade.

The tagline of their food counter is ‘food your granny would make if she was vegan’, expect healthy comfort food, international dishes. Available dishes vary from day to day, lots of soups and curries.

Their future plans include a delivery service and producing their own compost. Also to be able to offer more homemade products like bread, kombucha etc. Much respect for this ambitious couple!

Little Plant Pantry is located at the lovely Bosboom Toussaintstraat, around the corner of Eerste Constantijn Huygenssstraat.

little plant pantry

little plant pantry

little plant pantry


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