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lowlander restaurant

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 201
Phone: 020-6344000


Mon-Thu 11:00 – 24:00
Fri-Sun 11:00 – 01:00


Spacious restaurant from beerbrewer Lowlander, located on the waterfront. Vegan-friendly menu, beer pairing options.


The story of Lowlander beer starts when Frederik Kampman is working for a gin distiller in England. Traditionally gin producers are using so called botanicals to give flavour to their gins – deriving from herbs, spices, fruits and plants. He is wondering how the use of botanicals would influence the flavour of beer, and discovers there used to be a rich tradition of using botanicals in beer brewing in the Netherlands. This finally leads him to start Lowlander brewery in 2015.

Throughout the years they also experiment with how beer and food can reinforce eachother. In April 2023 Lowlander Botanical Bar & Restaurant opens as the next step in this!

lowlander amsterdam

Plant-led dishes

Lowlander is open for lunch as well as for dinner. Vegan options are clearly labeled on the menu. The lunch menu offers for example sandwich ‘Veggie Reuben’ with smoked beetroot, piccalilli, sauerkraut and vegan cheese. Also sandwich with Pulled Jackfruit, a Fennel-Celeriac Burger, various vegan sides and snacks.

On the dinner menu amongst others Aubergine Steak (with hoisin glaze, cream of potato and pumpkin, red miso sauce, puffed rice and wonton). Smaller dishes include a salad of carrot, curcuma and caramel. Also a confit potato terrine, roasted cauliflower and more. Vegan dessert options are Yuzu Coconut Panna cotta and Chocolate Pie.

Of course their beers feature prominently on the menu as well. Many dishes include a beer recommendation. Their drinks menu includes also ‘beertails’ – cocktails made with their own beers as an ingredient.

Waterfront terrace

Lots of seating inside in beautifully decorated space. Outside big terrace overlooking river Het IJ, towards central station and beyond!

Lowlander is located at the waterfront, behind the big Jumbo supermarket. Twenty minutes walking from the ferry at IJplein. Metrostop ‘Noorderpark’ also at walking distance.


lowlander restaurant

lowlander restaurant

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