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Miami Burger – all vegan burger bar near Leidseplein

miami burger

Miami Burger started in England, where vegan Tom Bursnall initiated a test kitchen with the intention of developing healthier meat substitutes – containing less salt and saturated fat. When this became successful selling it to restaurants, they were looking for ways to expand. During corona lockdown period Miami Burger started up as a delivery-only fastfood restaurant in Amsterdam. May 2022 they opened a physical location in the Leidseplein area.

“We’re not shouting everywhere that we’re vegan”, says Boyd Baptist, owner of the Amsterdam restaurant. The aim is to attract not just vegans, in fact most customers are flexitarians and omnivores, he tells. They want to offer vegan food so good that it tastes even better than the original! That way people don’t want to eat the meat versions anymore. Read more

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