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Monte Pelmo expands their range of vegan ice cream!

One of the classic icecream places in Amsterdam, Monte Pelmo has been around since the fifties! Located in the heart of the Jordaan area it’s a very popular spot in summer. Like most icecream places they’ve always had vegan options namely sorbet icecream. But they’ve recently came up with a few vegan non-sorbet flavours as well, by popular demand! Currently they offer hazelnut, pistache, coconut and dark chocolate. And of course several fruit flavours (sorbet) as well (like limoncello or spicy strawberry heeeeey).

Actually the new flavours were introduced last September, but since they just opened again for the season it’s still a recent thing no! Fun fact, their sign above the entrance has been hanging there since 1965 and almost had to be taken down due to a new rule by the municipality. But after massive protest from local residents it was allowed to stay after all!

Monte Pelmo
Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat 17
Phone: 020-6230959


Mon-Sun 14:00 – 19:00

monte pelmo vegan

monte pelmo vegan

monte pelmo vegan

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