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patisserie koekoek

Reguliersdwarsstraat 39 Sous


Tue-Sat 16:00 – 18:00
Sunday pick up on order


Vegan pastry shop located in a tiny basement at Reguliersdwarsstraat. Only take-away.

Increasing demand

Sher started baking about seven years ago, influenced by her father who was working as patissier. She became vegan, simply because she likes animals. “After seeing slaughterhouse footage, how can you continue to eat animals?” Three years ago she started baking only vegan at her job in lunchroom Iets Aparts (not vegan but they have many vegan options), where she is also one of the owners. “There  was an increasing demand for vegan pastry, and people don’t taste a difference anyways.” Since this became so successful she wanted to do something more with it, that’s how Patisserie Koekoek became about.

patisserie koekoek

Filipino pie

Sher is selling pieces of pie, or whole pies on order. The assortment varies although she always carries classics like chocolate pie or speculaaas tartelette. She gets inspiration by pastry from allover the world like Filipino Ube pie (purple yam) or Japanese matcha.

Besides the pies she also offers coffee or tea. There is no seating inside (though this may change in the future) so everything is for take-away only.

Patisserie Koekoek is located in a small basement in Reguliersdwarsstraat, underneath a men’s clothing store. Located in the middle of the centre. Tram stops nearby at Koningsplein and Vijzelstraat.


patisserie koekoek

patisserie koekoek

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