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Kostverlorenstraat 11
Phone: 06-87341535


Mon 17:00 – 22:00
Thu-Sun 17:00 – 22:00

Vegan sushi restaurant at Staatsliedenbuurt.

No more boring sushi

Plant Based Sushi started by South African expat Claudia Deken, who was bored with the available vegan options at sushi restaurants. Having a background in business, she started to organise her own vegan sushi events, where different chefs were doing the kitchen part.

Summer 2019 Plant Based Sushi found a temporary home at cultural space De Ruimte in Amsterdam North, where they hosted a pop-up every weekend for two months. After that they temporarily resided at lunchroom OKO Cultural Meeting Point as well as lunchroom Boterham at Amsterdam Oost.

Then end 2020 they moved to their first very own location at Staatsliedenbuurt! Unfortunately the second corona lockdown came into action at that time, bad luck. Even though they were open for take-away it would still take months before they could open for guests in 2021, when the lockdown ended!


‘Salmon’ nigiri

The menu features six different sushi rolls, including uramaki, futomaki (pickled carrot, Dutch Weed Burger sausage, panko crust), nigiri (made with ‘salmon’ smokey tomato) and gunkan (pulled jackfruit, kombu mayo, spring onion, dulse flakes). You can order these rolls separately or have a combination of them. The menu partially changes every 6-8 weeks.

Also on the menu, gyoza (three different kinds), edamame beans, Japanese mini croquette and vegan karaage (Japanese fried chicken, they make it from tofu and soy chunks). As dessert options there’s coconut milk panacotta or various flavours of icecream.


Plant Based Sushi is located on a corner in Staatsliedenbuurt. Close to Jordaan and Westerpark, bus and tram stops nearby.



plant based sushi amsterdam

Claudia Deken, owner of Plant Based Sushi.

plant based sushi amsterdam

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