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Louwesweg 1
Phone: 020-3080151


Mon-Sat 12:00 – 20:00

Popular nightclub and art centre with cafe/restaurant. The restaurant went fully vegan April 2021! Located at Slotervaart (Amsterdam Nieuw-West).

Way forward

At the very beginning it was just meant to be a restaurant space, at the giant ACTA building, a former dentist school. But when they saw the potential of a huge unused space also in the building they decided it should have a club space as well! Radion started in 2014 and grew into an experimental art venue, hosting club nights, art expositions, arthouse movies, workshops and much more.

Corona made them reflect on their values and objectives, and they decided to switch to a 100% vegan menu for the restaurant. “Since we think that vegan is the way forward, we completely overhauled our menu and went green” so they announced on social media!

radion amsterdam

Plenty options

The menu has quite a lot of options, and because everything is vegan it can actually be a bit overwhelming! But in a good way. Radion is not a typical vegetarian/vegan restaurant and it’s so nice to have real choice in a place like this. In similar venues that combine nightlife and food you’ll often just have a choice between their only two vegan options on the menu. No fine dining at Radion, but comfort food as they say themself.

The menu features various burgers and pizzas, so far so good. But there’s also ravioli, a Thai curry, few salads and a soup. Various sandwich options, tosti, croquettes on bread, fries. And a lot of snacks to choose from as well: nachos, bitterballen, spring rolls etc. So be it for lunch, dinner or just having drinks: you’re covered. And being a bar/nightclub as well means they also have a serious drinks menu!


Inside, the restaurant is dimly lit creating an intimate atmosphere. They have a very nice terrace outside, which is partially covered so even in less ideal circumstances you can safely sit there. The entrance to the restaurant is via the terrace. To get to the club you have to take the big stairs outside.

If you don’t live in the west it might seem like far away, but it’s just 10 minutes cycling from Amstelveenseweg. Otherwise there’s a bus/tram stop next door (tram 2 from Central Station).


radion amsterdam

radion amsterdam

radion amsterdam

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