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Recipe: ‘Hutspot’ with smoked sausage

vegan hutspot


The most famous Dutch winter dish is without a doubt stamppot. Consisting of mashed potatoes with another type of vegetable mixed in, classic combinations are with kale, endive, sauerkraut, Brussels sprouts or carrot. Stamppot is very much comfortfood and uncomplicated to prepare, it’s possible to prepare it in just one pot. Perfect for these dark winter evenings!

The version with carrot is usually just called hutspot, and I love this one for the slightly sweeter taste and the colour. Just like other stamppot, it is traditionally eaten with a smoked sausage, which is nowadays easy to find vegan as well!


Serves 2 persons

600 gr floury potatoes (aka ‘kruimig’)
400 gr winter carrot or normal carrots
2 medium onions
splash of soymilk
vegan butter / margarine
pepper, salt
2 vegan smoked sausages (vegan ‘rookworst’, for example from Albert Heijn homebrand or De Vegetarische Slager)


vegan hutspot

1. Peel the potatoes and carrot. Cut them roughly in pieces. Bring water to a boil, add the potato/carrot and boil for approximately 15-20 min. Both should be soft enough to mash.


vegan hutspot

2. In the meanwhile peel and slice the onions in rings. Fry them on medium fire in some vegan butter until they get nice and brown.

3. Heat up the sausages in hot water, frying pan or microwave.


vegan hutspot

4. Drain the water of the potato/carrot. Add a splash of soymilk and a knob of butter. Using a potato masher, make a nice creamy mash (you can add more soymilk or butter if needed) but still allow for some bigger pieces, it shouldn’t be completely smooth. Add plenty of nutmeg as well as salt and pepper and bring to taste.


vegan hutspot

5. Add the onions to the mash.


vegan hutspot

6. Time to plate. Serve with some mustard. Enjoy!


With stamppot you can vary endlessly of course, just throw in anything you find delicious! Also works well with things with a bite, like cashewnuts or crispy fried tofu/tempeh (extra good with liquid smoke). Or use olive oil instead of butter, add curry powder, what you want!

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