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Potgieterstraat 47
Phone: 06-29402641


Mon-Sun 12:00 – 20:00

Small vegan restaurant with some seating but focused on take-away / meal subscriptions. Comfort food bowls made from ‘imperfect’ foods.

Imperfect foods

Second Nature started with the question owner Ibrahim asked himself: “How can I build a model that can make food consumption more sustainable?” Previously working in consulting, he desired to start his own business but also make a positive impact with it. He figured there was still a big impact to be made regarding food carbon emissions.

Second Nature opened in april 2023. Set up as a neighbourhood kitchen, they intend to limit food waste by using ingredients which don’t have the perfect uniform looks up to supermarket standards, but nonetheless totally fine to use. They get these veggies directly from the farms.

second nature amsterdam

Healthy stews

The menu is rather concise, to avoid further food waste. They offer about 5 different stews. Ibrahim’s favourite is the Pea Power, influenced by his Jordanian-Palestinian background, the recipe comes from his mother! They also offer two types of pie for dessert. Various lemonades and all vegan natural wines as well. With meal subscriptions they want to make it easy for people to eat healthy vegan food, containing all the macro nutrients you need.

Spacious terrace

Second Nature is designed not so much to be a busy restaurant, but more for pickup. Inside you order from a screen. Few tables upstairs, also nice terrace seating at the spacious pavement on a quiet street corner.

They intend to also organise events for the neighbourhood, like cooking workshops and movie nights.

Second Nature is located at Oud-West, close to Bilderdijkstraat. Various tram stops nearby.


second nature amsterdam

second nature amsterdam

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