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Fine dining at vegan pop-up Sproutsiders!

There are nowadays plenty options in Amsterdam for those who like vegan food, served in an elegant way. Fine dining style, offered by renowned restaurants like De Kas, Choux, Morris & Bella, Yerba, Bolenius, Bak. But none of those are completely vegan. Therefore it’s quite refreshing to meet a chef-turned-vegan who started together with his partner vegan pop-up Sproutsiders. Only two more weeks so check this out!


Katrin and Rijk met eachother in Australia. Katrin is originally from Germany but has always been travelling. Rijk used to work as a chef in various restaurants in Amsterdam (Amstel Hotel among others) but decided to quit and look for adventure in Australia. Over there he became vegan, just like Katrin.

Sproutsiders is their joined project – a travelling vegan pop-up restaurant, first stop Amsterdam! Their first night open was a month ago.

‘Roasted veggies with pea cream and greens’


The menu is changing every week. They’re serving a set menu consisting of four courses, with vegetables forming the basis of most dishes. Served in a laid back and fun atmosphere (nice music guys!), with great personal attention for their guests.

Sproutsiders is located at Restaurant La Maria, a pretty little restaurant on a beautiful quiet corner of Rivierenbuurt. You might also know it from last year’s vegan pop-up Nieuw Terrein!

Moving on

Sproutsiders will be here only this month still. After that the two will continue coming summer in Australia, although not sure yet where and when.


Vechtstraat 79
Phone: 06-55624308
Sun-Tue 18:00 – 22:00

Until June 26!


‘Pearl barley with cheesy spinach and herbs’


  1. Laura says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m travelling to Amsterdam in a few weeks with all non- vegans. Do you have any recommendations of restaurants that cater to both vegans and non-vegans? I’m really looking forward to the Junk Food Bar 🙂

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