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Vegan people’s kitchen every Friday at ADM Noord / Het Groene Veld

het groene veld amsterdam

Het Groene Veld started out in 2019 but its origins go back way further. In 1997 a piece of land in the western harbour of Amsterdam (Westpoort) got squatted. This evolved into a flourishing community of people known as ADM, a legendary place with over a 100 residents. It lasted until 2019 when they got evicted. The city of Amsterdam proposed a new temporary location for them, at what is now known as Het Groene Veld, or ADM Noord.

At the restaurant space (established in 2022) there’s vegan people’s kitchen every Friday night. Three course meal prepared by volunteers, because community is important! No choice of menu, you just eat what is made, for the modest price of €10. Read more