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Turns out these cookies are vegan!


Davelaar Jodenkoeken turn out to be vegan! Literally translates as ‘jew cookie’ the story goes in their current form they were first baked by a Jewish baker. But originally created at the end of the 19th century already! They are a typical Dutch cookie and well-known by everyone.

Davelaar informed Vegan Wiki that the vitamin D3 is no longer added although at the moment it still says so on the package. Oh and no worries, that ‘boteraroma’ is synthetic! Find them at various supermarkets.

Ancient vegan delicousness


vegan neapolitaner

Apparently a big deal in Austria, these cookies exist for over a hundred years and have been vegan since the beginning. Yes that’s before the word ‘vegan’ existed! So Manner Neapolitaner wafers are tiny wafers filled with a hazelnut-chocolate cream filling. Neapolitan refers to stuff from Napoli, as the hazelnuts used apparently are from there. Which makes for a pretty delicious result! Also pretty inexpensive, just €1,20 for a package, available at Sterk nightshop.