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Who doesn’t like pancakes?

vegan pancakes amsterdam

Finding vegan pancakes on a restaurant menu in Amsterdam used to be rare, but nowadays there are PLENTY options! A few hip pancake places opened up which of course have vegan options (can’t open a new hip place without it) but also traditional Amsterdam pancake places all of a sudden realised you CAN make a pancake batter without using milk and eggs.

So broadly speaking you can choose from vegan and vegan friendly-places, new hip pancakes places, or traditional pancake places. And then there are some others. Most places offer either American (thick and fluffy) or Dutch style (larger and thinner) pancakes. We found 13 places with vegan pancakes on the menu, check ’em out! Read more

Dutch pancakes



Although pancakes are not strictly reserved to the Dutch cuisine, the way we make them differs from other countries. Compared to American pancakes, Dutch pancakes are larger and flatter, though thicker than French crêpes. Delicious but easy to make, they are a favourite of children and adults alike. Perhaps this is why one can find Dutch pancake restaurants all over the world? The following recipe is based on traditional versions, but adapted to a plant-based diet. It will make about 5 pancakes. Read more