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Liever Hier – vegan pastry and coffee place in picturesque Noord

liever hier amsterdam

After they got together as a couple, Ellen Wiggers and Rogier van Buuren quickly started working together as well in Ellen’s coffee place at Buikslotermeerplein. Here they served coffee and homemade pies in cultural community centre De Modestraat.

Some years later they had the chance to buy a former cafe at Nieuwendammerdijk. They plan to turn it into a pie bakery / coffee house. After months of renovating they open in 2019, with the new name ‘Liever Hier’ (meaning ‘rather here’). As this is their preferred place to be!

Early 2022 they decide to go vegan themselves as well as to make the full menu at Liever Hier 100% vegan. “Now that our eyes have really been opened we can no longer look away from the animal suffering, the horrible living conditions in the meat- and dairy industry and we are acting upon it. No more animal products, animals have a right to life just as much as we do.” Their regular guests react very positive. People who initially were skeptical about plantbased milks in their coffee simply get convinced when they try it! Read more