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Vegan cheese at the supermarket!


This feels weird… checking out the cheese department at the supermarket. Vegan cheese is not only sold at organic or vegan stores but in supermarkets in town as well! Jumbo has Wilmersburger cheese for a while now in most of their stores. And recently the news spread one can order Wilmersburger at the Albert Heijn as well. Just go to the help desk in the shop and ask for it. A few Deen supermarkets also sell Wilmersburger. When calling today the one at Mosveld (Amsterdam North) confirmed they have it in their store, the other stores in Amsterdam don’t have it (yet?).

New delicious icecream!

swedish glace

Out of Sweden’s icecream making tradition comes this Swedish Glace from Dutch company Ola (known by other names in other countries). After being available in various European countries we’re now also being able to enjoy it. Among the creamiest vegan icecream ever! It comes in two different flavours: vanilla and raspberry. In Amsterdam so far only available at bigger Albert Heijn supermarkets.