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Asian bowls and burgers at foodcourt restaurant Vegan Bamboo Bar

vegan bamboo bar amsterdam

Not the first location of Vegan Bamboo Bar, they had a restaurant before in Utrecht. But they started out just before covid happened, which was certainly not good for business, so Vegan Bamboo Bar closed again October 2020.

But entrepreneurs Yung Fu and Kwok Hung Yip didn’t give up. In June 2023 they opened as a modest restaurant in foodcourt Market 27, Amsterdam Noord.

The idea for Vegan Bamboo Bar arose after Yung Fu’s wife got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a rare disease. When the doctors said there was no further treatment possible, Yung and his wife researched medical literature for years and learned alot about the relationship between food and diseases. Eventually, due to a change in diet she was able to diminish her medical complaints by 90 percent.

This inspired Yung to quit his job in IT and together with his wife open up a food business, to offer healthy food to people and to share the knowledge they gathered. They partnered up with Kwok Hung Yip, owner of fastfood chain Wok To Go, which has many locations in the Netherlands. Read more