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hema vegan taart

This is huge! HEMA just veganized their apple crumble pie. Which means you can just buy an affordable vegan pie without hassle. And which has to be said, tastes pretty decent! Goodbye are the days of vegan apfelstrudel from the freezer in the supermarket! And a great step into making vegan options more mainstream!

Made possible partially due to the encouragement of the good people at ProVeg.

Get it at bigger HEMA stores with a bakery department or order it. Damage: €4,50 for a small pie – about 6 pieces.

hema vegan taart

Vegan pie everywhere!

vegan pie amsterdam

Say you want to celebrate so vegan pie is asked for! But where do you go? While there used to be only a handful of places (restaurants) which would offer it, these days it seems like no new cool coffeeplace can do without offering some vegan sweet stuff. Great! This is a list of all places which are currently offering vegan pie. And we’re talking ’bout the real stuff, no ‘raw energy balls’ or granola bars, please!  Read more