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Tea Stories – all vegan bubble tea pop-up (and many more beverages)

tea stories amsterdam

Their main location is in Eindhoven, but they recently opened a pop-up location in the Jordaan to touch ground in Amsterdam. Calling themselves a vegan bubble tea brand, but really Tea Stories has much more to offer than just that!

It started by Italian expat Lucia Parlanti. Initially she moved to Eindhoven to work at Philips. Not quite happy with her job there she wanted to do something more creative. Inspired after a trip to China (where her husband is from) she decided to open up her own teabar. Mid 2019 she opened Tea Stories in the Strijp S area, Eindhoven.

Now a few years later she wants to introduce people in Amsterdam to their concept and to explore the options here.

tea stories amsterdam
Mango Matcha Latte

Sea Salt Caramel Hojicha

The menu offers really a dazzling amount of beverages. Classic teas (e.g. black milk tea topped with red bean paste, tapioca bubbles and soy beans pudding), matcha, coffee drinks (e.g. Pistachio Latte). Also iceteas and sweet cold drinks (e.g. Oreo Seasalt Caramel Latte).

Note that in Amsterdam they only offer drinks and various mochi, not the pastries and savoury options mentioned on the website.


The pop-up lasts until the 9th of March. After that they hope to open a fixed location in Amsterdam!

Ample seating inside so mostly for take-away. Tea Stories is located at Anjeliersstraat, parallel to Westerstraat and near Noordermarkt. Within walking distance from the centre / central station.


Tea Stories
Anjeliersstraat 46H


Sat-Sun 09:30 – 18:00

tea stories amsterdam

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