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The year 2023 in review

For various reasons the first half of the year saw quite a few vegan restaurants closing! The aftermath of corona, staff shortage as well as increased costs of energy and supplies took its toll, and perhaps vegan restaurants are more vulnerable for that. But still eleven new vegan places opened up. Happy Cow currently lists 574 vegan and vegan-friendly locations in Amsterdam, of which 67 are fully vegan.

Furthermore we see an ongoing presence of vegan products in the supermarket. Attention for the interests of animals in media and exhibitions. Dedicated activists allover the country continuously spending their time for the freedom of other animals. Still relatively small in numbers, but veganism and animal rights are no longer a fringe issue.

Pastry options

With Margo’s and Saint-Jean at close proximity, the Jordaan is definately the current stronghold for vegan viennoisserie and other baked goods, Koffie ende Koeck nearby as well. This year Saint-Jean expanded by opening up another location in the same street, focusing on savoury stuff. We also gained a shop specialising in cinnamon rolls when Have A Roll opened up in De Pijp.

Anook Bakehouse has a few vegan options, like several tempting donuts. And most recently all vegan Tea Stories (hailing from Eindhoven) started a pop-up in Amsterdam. Until March they are also in the Jordaan, offering vegan bubble tea (huge drinks menu!) and cinnamon buns during weekend days.

Noodle soups

Vegan ramen restaurant Men Impossible opened in 2017, and is offering a highly regarded four course dinner experience. By now they have three (!) all vegan ramen locations in Amsterdam, all with a different concept. Ramen Impossible moved this year from De Pijp to the Red Light District where they do a small menu and just walk-ins. Their old location is now called Kitchen Impossible.

Chinese style noodle soup place Mogu Malatang opened this year in Bos en Lommer (at the old location of The Loving Hut). Apart from two desserts and a random egg, everything is vegan. You pick all your favourite ingredients yourself and choose from three different broths, after which a steaming hot bowl of freshly made noodle soup is given to you.

Product highlights

Too much to mention all of them, just a selection of the most noteworthy:

Oalty Softserve, so good! Available at Stach stores in town and at a one month pop-up in summer.


A vegan yogurt drink didn’t really exist yet, nowadays this one from Alpro is a common product in the fridges of many supermarkets in town.


Iconic cheese Babybel launched a vegan version of their product!

All the new vegan restaurants

Taste Like Chicken is a vegan fastfood joint, specialising in vegan ‘chicken’ dishes.

Vegan concept Second Nature wants to make eating healthy easier, by offering meal subscriptions. They are doing vegan comfortfood bowls, made from ‘imperfect’ ingredients.

Originally started in Utrecht, but reopened in Amsterdam. Vegan Bamboo Bar is offering mostly Asian inspired dishes. They are located in a small foodcourt at metrostation Noord.

Kool Food at Wibautstraat mixes cafe with relaxed vegan restaurant. Open six days a week from lunch time till late evening.

Specialising in Egypt’s national street food dish koshari but also a few pita options on their all vegan menu. Abu Amr Koshari is also near Wibautstraat.

Vegan health food concept Wild & The Moon opened up a fourth (!) location at Kinkerstraat.

have a roll amsterdam
Vegan cinnamon rolls at Have A Roll.

Originating in Antwerp, popular vegan cinnamon roll place Have A Roll recently opened up their first location in the Netherlands.

Lait de Choco is the first all vegan chocolaterie in the Netherlands. They are offering handmade chocolates free from refined sugars at their shop in Czaar Peterstraat.

Kitchen Impossible started at Van der Helstplein, De Pijp. Experimental all vegan ramen.

Vegan bakery Saint-Jean is known in Amsterdam faaar extending beyond just people eating vegan. Two years after they started, they opened up an additional location on the other site of the street, focusing on savoury baked goods.

Serious about vegan pasta dishes, Primo Pasta is a tiny restaurant started by two cousins from Calabria, Italy. Find them close to Oosterpark.

Several vegetarian places opened up last year as well. For vegans the most noteworthy include Vegitalian, Mogu Malatang, Rose & Vanilla and Kailash Parbat.

This year we had to say goodbye to too many vegan restaurants, including a few longterm favourites! No more Bataat, Mr. & Mrs. Watson, Vegabond, Willicroft store (products continue), Lokol, Mr. Stacks, Deer Mama, Willem-pie shop (business to business continues), Peach (catering continues), Mooshka, Yoghurt Barn, Rå Bowls, Nom Nom Nom and Mastino. Aubergini still exists but no longer fully vegan.


Museumplein, National Animal Rights Day 2023. Photo: Alfons Spoler

This year we saw a continuation of protests against the use of fur, in campaigning against LVMH brands (Louis Vuitton, Fendi etc.) and Max Mara. Bigger demonstrations and events were the ‘Mars tegen Dierproeven’, National Animal Rights Day and a vegan block at the climate demo ‘Mars voor Klimaat en Rechtvaardigheid’.


We keep fighting for the freedom of all animals in the next year. Find your way to make a difference for them.

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