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Upcoming animal rights demo’s

The vegan movement is gaining momentum, also activism wise! Next to smaller outreach actions happening every so often, we just had a massive Cube of Truth in May, and the March Against All Slaugherhouses in June. In the coming months several other big demo’s are taking place, check out our overview!

The Official Animal Rights March

International animal rights demonstration taking place in multiple cities worldwide. The one in Amsterdam is taking place for the second year, organised by independent volunteers in cooperation with UK animal rights group Surge. This year the location will be different compared to last year – starting point at Westerpark!

Date: Saturday August 24, 13:00
Location: Westergasfabriek
Facebook event page

Save Movement // Big vegan outreach action at Dam





Huge outreach action by The Save Movement, who have a LOT of local groups in the Netherlands at the moment!

Date: Saturday September 14, 15:00
Location: Dam Square
Facebook event page

Respect Life 2019

Action by 269Life The Netherlands, more info will follow.

Date: Saturday September 28, 12:00
Location: Dam Square
Facebook event page

Mars Stop de Stalbranden Nu

March through the centre of Amsterdam, to show the misery of the animal industry to people, in particular concerning the many barn fires in the Netherlands. Organised by action group Burning Souls, in cooperation with Animal Rights, Bite Back, Earthlings.nl, Een Dier Een Vriend and Save Movement The Netherlands.

Date: Saturday October 12, 13:00
Location: Dam Square
Facebook event page


Can’t make it to any of these demo’s? There are animal rights actions taking place in Amsterdam on a regular basis. Check out all vegan related events in Amsterdam here. Like us on Facebook and we will keep you updated!

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