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Vegan Amsterdam officially online


Right so you just arrived in Amsterdam, but where to get some vegan food? And how do you find out if the ingredients of this product are vegan? Are there any vegan local dishes you should try?

Or you’re living in Amsterdam and you want to be kept up to date about all the places to eat. About vegan and animal rights related events happening soon in town. Or you want to know in which store to get that new product.

Vegan Amsterdam is created to bring you answers to all of that! It springs forth from the many times we wrote little notes with tips for visiting vegans and our own experience with travelling abroad. It serves as a place to collect all the little pieces of information about everything vegan in Amsterdam. And to bring vegans (and veg-curious!) together.

Welcome! Please take a look and don’t hesitate to drop us a line. You can reach us via email, Facebook, Twitter or leave a comment.

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