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Vegan and glutenfree pastry options at Petit by Sam

There are a lot of places in Amsterdam these days where you can find some vegan pastry (even in the supermarket) but not too many with plenty choice! Petit by Sam is a small pastry shop where not everything is vegan but still a lot! And what makes this place unique is that they choose for healthier ingredients instead of your white sugar / white flour cakes.

Better  for you

From a young age already, Samita Raheja was always baking, trying out new recipes. Then a few years ago she got some problems with her health, and eating healthier proved to be the solution for her. But she didn’t want to miss out on the sweet stuff, so started experimenting with alternative ingredients and found a way to make sweet treats which are better for you.

In the meanwhile she was working in banking, but eventually got fed up with her job and decided to make a career switch. Although born in Switzerland, she moved to Amsterdam since her partner is Dutch, and started to make plans for her own healthy pastry shop. Finally Petit by Sam opened about a year ago!

Besides several vegan options they also have some which are glutenfree as well. Vegan options include cookies, bars, cakes and small pies. Mostly smaller ones for one person, some bigger ones available as well.

You can just pass by at the shop, or order at the website and get it delivered. Normally also some seating so you can enjoy a cake and coffee, but due to corona restrictions that part of the shop is now temporarily closed of course.

When no lockdown you can also find their vegan pastry at Soil, Koffieschenkerij and Coffee District.


Petit by Sam
Vijzelstraat 93
Phone: 06-39340776


Tue-Thu 09:00 – 14:00
Fri-Sat 09:00 – 16:00


petit by sam

petit by sam


  1. One friend recommended me Petit for my trip to Europe and finally I had the occasion to visit the shop. I was pleasantly surprise by the quality of the pastries, the nice atmosphere and kind st 00006000 aff of the shop are definitely a plus. I had a cup of coffee and a carrot cake, absolutely delicious! You can see the dedication of the owner in every pastry 🙂 I will come back for sure! Amazing place in the heart of Amsterdam, great guilt free desserts will have you wanting more! I couldn’t stop ordering more! Coconut Crush was my favorite and obviously those cute little cupcakes went perfectly with the best cappuccino in town! And if you’re a matcha fan, definitely the place that offers you an authentic matcha latte! Very friendly staff too!

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